WATCH: NHL Coach Loses His Mind At Practice Before Launching His Stick Into An Arena Suite

by 3 years ago

nhl coach loses mind

Glen Gulutzan, Head Coach of the NHLs Calgary Flames, absolutely lost his shit at a team practice this week.

Gulutzan didn’t care that his team just won back-to-back home games for the first time since Nov. 13th. Instead, he wanted to focus on whether his team had “…checked the fucking standings?” and we’re ready to “…fucking go! Let’s fucking practice!” Coach then proceeded to launch his stick over the glass and into oblivion. All-in-all, a standard hockey practice if we’re being honest.

Seriously though, this tantrum is impressive. See for yourself!

Here’s an edited HD video of his tantrum (scroll to the bottom of this post for a lower quality video with unedited, NSFW audio):

Jesus, coach. It’s not like the Flames are 3-points out of the playoff, ranked 23rd in goals scored, and 5th in the NHLs shittiest division… oh, wait. Never mind, scratch that; coach has plenty to worry about right now.

But let’s not lose focus of what’s important here: the aftermath from the stick throw heard and felt around the world.

For starters, the stick has sense been recovered from the arena’s box suite. We even have video evidence:

Even better, we have professional analysis of the launch from ice to landing in oblivion. The fine Canadian folks at TSN gave Glen’s stick toss the full Sports Science treatment:


As promised, here’s the rant with NSFW audio with lower quality video:



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