Nick Folk’s Wife Shreds Reporter For His Harsh Words About NFL Kickers Following A Dreadful Kicking Week

It’s not often when the extra point is the main talking point in an entire weekend of NFL football. But on Sunday, NFL kickers missed a record-setting 12 extra points across 12 games, breaking the record of 10 that had stood for 46 years. The NFL moved the extra point back 13 yards, from 20 yards to 33, starting in 2015. Despite kickers converting extra point attempts at the same rate as last year, Sunday was a brutal day and brought out the hot takes from all over.

New York Daily News columnist Manish Mehta suggested that the NFL push the extra point back another 10 yards to encourage more two point conversion attempts and to “marginalize these guys, who spend much of their workday standing around doing a whole lot of nothing before crushing thousands of souls by screwing up.”

The wife of Jets kicker Nick Folk, who has the best extra point percentage in NFL history (tied with Dan Bailey), took exception to Manish’s harsh critique of professional kicks in a series of iPhone notes turned tweets (so you know it’s serious).

Mehta responded to Julianne’s jabs professionally.

Moral of the story: Get you a woman who will go to war on social media for you.

[h/t For The Win]

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