Nick Saban Has Hilarious Response To Radio Caller ‘PeeWee’ About How To Fix Alabama

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Nick Saban doesn’t know how to fix his Alabama Crimson Tide football team, so he’s turning to radio callers for a bit of help.

The Tide, it appears, is now longer the predominant power in the SEC after rival Georgia won each of the last two national championships.

That fact was cemented home last Saturday when future SEC foe Texas came into Bryant-Denny Stadium and walked out with a 34-24 victory.

Alabama struggled mightily on the offensive line in the contest. The Crimson Tide allowed five sacks of quarterback Jalen Milroe and rushed for just 3.1 yards per carry.

So, what is Saban doing to fix his team’s weaknesses? Well, if a recent radio show apperance is any indication, it appears he’s not so sure.

While appearance on his weekly radio show Thursday evening, Saban took a call from longtime caller “PeeWee.”

The caller greeted Saban and asked him “how are you, sir.”

But he never could’ve imagined the answer that followed.

“Well, PeeWee, I’ve been wanting to talk to you all week, man,” Saban said to the delight of the live crowd. “I mean, we’ve got to firm up the pocket. We’re setting too soft. We’re getting pushed back in the middle. Everybody thinks we can’t hold up against the blitz, but they’re sacking us with four-man rush, one three-man rush. Only one sack came off a pressure. So I wanted to ask you ‘what the hell’s going on.'”

“I believe you covered it all right there, coach,” PeeWee responded.

Saban is widely known for his often intense demeanor, but this is just another look into the lighter side of one of college football’s all-time great coaches.

And who knows? Maybe PeeWee has the answer for what’s been troubling the Crimson Tide. Because nobody else seemed to have one on Saturday.