Nick Young Apparently Denies Accepting D’Angelo Russell’s Apology With This Tweet

Rookie D’Angelo Russell has finally apologized over the leaked video of a recording he made of Nick Young admitting to cheating on Iggy Azalea.

Via Yahoo’s The Vertical

“I am sick,” Russell told The Vertical by phone on his drive to the Staples Center on Wednesday. “I am sorry about recording the video. I can’t repeat myself enough on that: I am sorry I recorded that video. I feel horrible. I wish this never happened.”

When asked about how the video left his possession and became public months after it was recorded, Russell told The Vertical: “Honestly, I have no idea. Me and Nick, that’s our friendship: We play around a lot. Anyone who knows him and knows me, they know that about us. But I apologize for recording that video. I never intentionally wanted to hurt anyone. I never wanted what was said in there to get out. It was my fault that it did, but that was never intentional.

TMZ reported that Young had accepted Russell’s apology but Young begged to differ and posted this Tweet which he quickly deleted.

Young spoke to the media and looked shaken about the whole thing.

It seems unlikely that both players will be able to coexist on the same team after this season, which means that Young will probably be moved in the offseason.

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