Nike Just Dropped Kevin Durant’s Kicks In Three New Golden State Warriors Colorways, And They’re So Fresh

kevin durant warriors

Listen, I’m not a Golden State Warriors fan by any stretch. Now that they’ve become the epitome of the Evil Empire, the even-more-impossible-team-to-beat in the Western Conference by acquiring Kevin Durant, it pretty much seems like they’re a sure lock for next year’s title (Vegas thinks so, too). So of course, there’s going to be people rooting against them by the droves. It always goes that way for the favorites.

However, while Golden State won’t be getting my fandom next season, KD’s kicks that Nike just dropped in three new Warriors colorways definitely do. Mostly because those were my high school colors, and also the Sixers throwback colors, too. Peep these Iverson’s if you don’t believe me. The gold and navy colorway will always have a special spot in my heart, and I totally have to get my hands on these limited edition KD9s. So fresh.









Might need one in every colorway if we’re being honest. Here’s what Nike had to say about the new KD9s.

On Monday, Kevin Durant chose a new team in free agency and today #35 was officially welcomed to his new team in an introductory press conference. In recognition of his move to the Bay Area, Nike is offering exclusive customization of Durant’s ninth signature shoe, the KD9.

Durant’s evolution has been reflected in his Nike signature shoe line and this NIKEiD customization is just the beginning of an exciting future.

The KD9 NIKEiD shoe is available now for a limited time on Multicolor knit is limited to North America, while home and away options are global.

Fresh as fresh gets.

[via Nike]


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