This New ‘Snow Day’ Nike Commercial Features An Army Of NFL Stars And May Be The Sickest Commercial Going

by 3 years ago

Genius commercial by Nike. Completely connects with us joe shmos. We’ve all had that feeling of waking up to a snowstorm and immediately calling our neighborhood cronies for a game of tackle snow football. We’d all gear up in our snow pants and gloves like we were taking the field for the Super Bowl, and we not hesitate to lay each other out because getting tackled was like falling on a temperpedic mattress. Tackling was the shit because everyone had so many layers on that it felt like we were bringing down the Michelin Man. Ah, the days. I played three sports in high school (shameless plug) and I received no more satisfaction from those years than I did playing backyard football during a snow day.

P.S. It has been reported that Ndamukong Suh kicked the camera man in the face. Don’t quote me on that.