Nikola Jokic Is Standing On A Chair Dancing To Serbian Music In The Club And Living His Best Life

Nikola Jokic in Serbia

Getty Image / Srdjan Stevanovic

Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic capped off the most successful season of his NBA career by winning the Finals MVP and propelling the Nuggets to the title, and he’s now taking time to live his best life back in Serbia.

Jokic almost immediately went back to his homeland after the Denver Nuggets’ championship parade, but not before some partying in Las Vegas along the way. Now he’s getting down to a local band and inexplicably the only person around standing on a chair.

For anyone wondering, the song is the 1993 banger ‘Sta je to u tvojim venama’ by Ceca, as I’m sure each and every single one of you readers will already know by watching this.

The dude is 6’11” and somehow the only person standing on a chair. I’m not sure what to make of that other than he truly appears to be having the best time.

He’s looked incredibly happy since arriving back in Serbia. His first public appearance was at a horse race in Serbia and he looked as happy as he did at the Denver Nuggets championship parade if not happier.

Side note: since we know that ‘Sta je to u tvojim venama’ by Ceca is now stuck in your head, here you go:

The video that’s gone viral on TikTok made its way to Reddit. Someone astutely pointed out “He must hate leaving Serbia. The only time he emotes joy is when he’s home.” Another person joked that there’s a “90% chance that song is about a horse.”

The Denver Nuggets’ first NBA Preaseason game is on October 10th against the Phoenix Suns. Nikola Jokic presumably has another month-ish left in Serbia to keep living his best life before returning to Colorado.

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