Nikola Jokic Jokes About Taco Bell Commercial That Played When He Was Drafted After Winning Second MVP

Nikola Jokic Jokes About Taco Bell Ad That Played When He Was Drafted

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  • Nikola Jokic has addressed the infamous Taco Bell ad that overshadowed his big moment at the NBA Draft
  • The commercial was airing on ESPN when the network announced he’d been selected by the Nuggets in the second round in 2014
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The 2014 NBA Draft class featured one of the most disappointing classes in the history of the league; Joel Embiid is arguably the only player selected in the first round who managed to live up to the hype, and the group of guys who went in the second round would have been entirely forgettable if not for the lone bright spot the Nuggets scooped up with the 41st pick.

The pick in question was used to secure the talents of Nikola Jokic, who was an absolute steal for a Denver team that’s managed to turn things around thanks to the talents of the four-time All-Star who got an awesome surprise when some of the team’s executives flew to Serbia to surprise him with the Most Valuable Player trophy he recently earned for the second season in a row.

There aren’t many things that highlight how far Jokic has come since 2014 than a clip from that year’s NBA Draft that frequently makes the rounds online; nothing sums up the lack of excitement surrounding the pick at the time than the fact that ESPN decided it didn’t need to interrupt the Taco Bell commercial that was airing when it was announced.

That ad came up when Jokic was talking to Mike Singer of The Denver Post after receiving his most recent MVP award, and the Nuggets big man joked about potentially getting a bag from Taco Bell thanks to the publicity he’s inadvertently generated for the chain.

Here’s to hoping Taco bell does the right thing.