Watch Nitro Circus Miraculously Pull Off The World’s First No-Handed BMX Front Flip

I have no idea how R Willy and the bros from Nitro Circus aren’t in a permanent full body cast at this point. I would almost shatter every bone in my body attempting a wheely in my neighborhood growing up, never mind ghosting a BMX bike 80-feet in the air and landing it effortlessly.

It should come as no surprise that this first-ever executed stunt was performed by one of the greatest action sports athlete’s on the planet in R Willy.

According to Nitro Circus,

At the tender age of 15, Ryan was propelled to the status of sporting legend when he became the first scooter rider to have a fakie frontflip captured on film. Two years later, he was invited to perform with Nitro Circus, and during his first show, he completed the world’s first scooter double frontflip. Since joining the Nitro Circus Tour in 2011, Ryan has been shocking crowds around the world and completely changing the way people think about scooters with his ridiculous bag of tricks. Ryan’s incredible talent has allowed him to progress the sport and push the boundaries of what anyone ever thought possible on a scooter.

Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

[h/t LADbible]

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