Noah Syndergaard’s Offseason Diet And Workout Plan Were About What You’d Expect From A Guy Nicknamed ‘Thor’


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Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is already perhaps the hardest throwing pitcher in Major League Baseball.

According to FanGraphs, Syndergaard, 24, averaged the highest velocity among big-league starting pitchers with his fastball (98.0 mph), slider (90.9 mph) and changeup (89.8 mph) in 2016.

So what does a guy like that do in the offseason in an effort to make himself throw EVEN HARDER? Well, let’s just say that it involves something called the “Bowl of Doom.”

So what is this “Bowl of Doom”?

According to Newsday

It consists of sweet potato hash, half an avocado, two eggs and a choice of protein ranging from wild salmon to rib-eye steak. But Noah Syndergaard prefers his with applewood smoked bacon, venison and buffalo.

“That’s primarily what my diet consisted of this offseason,” the imposing righthander said Sunday, when pitchers and catchers reported to Mets camp.

So why did Syndergaard feel that adding so much weight would be beneficial to a guy who already throws harder than most everyone else?

“Hopefully, it allows me to go deeper into games with more ease,” he said. “But I also paid a lot of attention to maintaining my flexibility so pitching is not just max effort. It’s all about being fluid and having flexibility out there.”

If this added weight combined with the “Bowl of Doom” can make Syndergaard even better at baseball than he already is at Twitter then National League hitters are going to be for a very long season.

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