Noah Syndergaard Dropped An A+ ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reference When Revealing He And Another Mets Pitcher Are Battling Bone Spurs

Two of the New York Mets’ premiere arms have recently been battling the same type of injury, leading them to get scratched from several starts, and the NYC metropolitan media endlessly speculating what the culprit could be.

Well, yesterday, ace Noah Syndergaard put the rumors about he and teammate, lefty Steven Matz, to rest once and for all. Using this phenomenal Game of Thrones reference, Thor came clean that the duo has been battling bone spur issues in their throwing arms. And I guess this is pretty much how that makes you feel…

Tommen offing himself = bone spurs in your throwing arm. Got it. They must really suck.

It should be noted that Syndergaard finally coming clean about the health issue comes on the feels of denying anything was wrong to reporters, despite the missed starts, and that Matz just started a stint on the DL. So not like they could continue the charade any longer, and maintain they were both in good health.

Still, though, excellent way to drop the bomb on the media. Stuff like this is why I’m #TeamSyndergaard in the heated Biggest Bro: Bryce Harper vs. Noah Syndergaard debate we’ve been having recently.

Gotta appreciate a stellar GoT reference making its way into an MLB clubhouse.