Notre Dame’s Yankees-Inspired Uniforms Get Absolutely RIpped On Twitter

Screengrab // NBC

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a huge game today against the Syracuse Orange in Yankee Stadium as part of the “Shamrock Series,” with a win inching them closer to a potential spot in the College Football Playoff. For anyone who may be watching the game, though, you may be a bit confused that you’re actually watching the Irish, as the Gold Domers ditched their classic look for a pinstripe style that resembles the New York Yankees.

Here’s a look at the uniforms for ND today.

It’s the first time since the 1940s that Notre Dame isn’t going with their gold helmets and traditional look. And, well, the Internet was less than impressed with the new look that the Fighting Irish busted out for the game today. Just look at how much hate the threads are getting from people on Twitter.

Given the negative reaction, I’ve got a feeling Notre Dame might just stick to the original uniform from now on, because these pinstripe things are nasty on all levels.

(H/T FTW.USAToday)

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