Giants Fans Blast Saquon Barkley After He Defends Joe Judge’s Wild Postgame Rant

Fans Blast Saquon Barkley After He Defends Joe Judge's Postgame Rant

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  • Saquon Barkley had some interesting things to say while defending Joe Judge’s wild postgame rant.
  • Giants fans weren’t exactly thrilled with what the running back had to say.
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The New York Giants are a really, really bad football team. Not only are the Giants 4-12 on the year, but they also rank second to last in the league in total offense, 20th in total defense, and have the second-most giveaways in the league with 27 on the year. On top of that Daniel Jones is injured and looks nothing like a franchise quarterback even when healthy, which most knew the second the team drafted him. Plus, Saquon Barkley hasn’t looked close to himself since coming back from injury.

You also have head coach Joe Judge, who is now 10-22 overall as the head coach of the Giants, going on wild 11-minute rants after yet another loss to the divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles last week.

The Giants are dumpster fire, and you know they’re a dumpster fire when the head coach has to talk for 11 straight minutes about why they’re not a dumpster fire. During his rant, Judge even alleged that players who were on the team last year call him twice a week to tell him how badly they wish they were still playing under him.

Long story short, Judge thinks the Giants are heading in the right direction despite statistics, and the eye-test painting a different picture. Barkley agrees with his head coach, too.

Judge and Barkley are both in difficult spots. Neither can come out and say negative things while the team is already spiraling beyond repair. Some Giants fans don’t see it that way, however, they’re past the ‘let’s be positive about things’ stage, they want some accountability.

Plenty of Giants fans got onto Barkley after he came out and defended Judge’s comments: