Odell Beckham’s Ex-Girlfriend Instagram Model Tammy Hembrow Says An Entire Sports Team Slid In Her DMs

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Australian Instagram model Tammy Hembrow appears to be pretty popular with athletes.

Hembrow, who dated Browns superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr for a brief period last year, claims an entire sports team slid in her DMs.

Via NY Post

She revealed on the “Hanging With The Hembrows” podcast, which she co-hosts alongside her sisters Emilee and Amy, that an entire sports team has been trying to win her affections by sliding into her DMs.

Are you still with yours? Asking for a friend,” Hembrow read from her phone.

She then claimed the aspiring Romeo’s entire team has reached out to her.

“Everyone who’s on that whole team has messaged me,” she said with a cheeky grin.

Hembrow says she gives most celebs the cold shoulder unless she finds someone she likes.

She also said she has had to give the social-media cold shoulder to actors and musical artists.

“If it’s a guy who I think is super hot and cool, I might reply and let them take me on a date,” she said before admitting that she normally ignores her busy DMs

Just by looking at her Instagram page it’s pretty easy to see why she’s popular with athletes.

Hopefully, some Internet detective can find out what team she’s talking about.

h/t BlackSportsOnline