The Official Super Bowl XLVII Drinking Game

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One drink for each:

  • First down

  • Punt

  • Replay

  • Commercial break

  • Promotion for other television show on NBC
  • Personal-foul penalty
  • Mention of San Francisco’s quarterback saga
  • Time an announcer says “Harbaugh”
  • Time Jim Harbaugh DOESN’T look pissed off
  • Moment Colin Kaepernick is praised
  • Gratuitous shot of a celebrity
  • Penalty
  • Flashback to a moment earlier in Ray Lewis’ career

Two drinks for each:

  • Turnover
  • Three-and-out
  • Run of more than 10 yards
  • Bad call
  • Time the announcers slobber over Ray-Ray
  • Vernon Davis catch
  • Overhead shot of the stadium
  • Time Randy Moss does anything good
  • Ray Rice reception

Three drinks for each:

  • Replay challenge

  • Touchdown

  • Field goal

  • Sack
  • Missed field goal
  • Play over 20 yards
  • Anyone on your Facebook feed posts an annoying update about the game
  • Idiotic comment by the color commentator

Finish your drink if:

  • Any running back or receiver goes over 100 yards
  • Someone scores a special-teams touchdown
  • Either quarterback throws for over 300 yards
  • Either team opens up a 14-point lead
  • You’re really going to miss football