An Ohio University Lineman Pulled Out A Cartwheel On A Trick Play In One Of The Most Absurd Moves You’ll Ever See On A Football Field

ohio lineman maction cartwheel


There were plenty of things going on in the world of sports on Tuesday night so you can be forgiven if you didn’t tune into the matchup between Western Michigan and Ohio University, which was one of the two MAC conference games on the slate that evening.

If you’re familiar with the hallowed Tuesday night tradition that is MACtion, you probably know that the games often feature some pretty absurd plays, like this zero-yard punt during the showdown between Eastern Michigan and Akron.

However, that had nothing on one particular play that Ohio decided to pull out during their contest.

The Bobcats found themselves trailing by three points halfway through the third quarter and decided to pull out some trickery by having offensive lineman Hagen Meservy line up at the wide receiver position, which should have been a sign they had something up their sleeve.

However, I doubt anyone predicted what was coming next, as Meservy decided to cartwheel after the ball was snapped in order to create a distraction in one of the most absurd moves I’ve ever seen on a football field.

While the cartwheel didn’t seem to draw the attention of any defenders, Ohio still managed to complete a pass for a sizeable gain and would go on to score a touchdown to take the lead on the very next play (they’d eventually lose the game in overtime).

Never change, MACtion. Never change.

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