You Won’t Believe This Angle From Marvin Harrison Jr. 71-Yard TD Vs Youngstown State

Marvin Harrison Jr

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. already solidified his position as the top wide receiver prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft, but continues to add to it.

In a game against Youngstown State on Saturday, Harrison left no doubt about his potential as he ignited the crowd with a spectacular 71-yard touchdown early in the first quarter.

The electrifying play showcased Harrison’s remarkable speed and ability.


With a blazing 4.3-second 40-yard dash time and the strength to squat an impressive 500 lbs and more, Harrison is a force to be reckoned with.

His genetic predisposition for football excellence is undeniable, as he is the son of the legendary Hall of Fame NFL wide receiver, Marvin Harrison, who famously played for the Indianapolis Colts.

A specific angle of Harrison’s touchdown highlighted how effortlessly he created separation from his defenders to secure the impressive score.

Marvin Harrison went to score again in the first quarter against Youngstown State. Showing he’s simply unstoppable.