OJ Simpson Reveals The ‘Best Legal Advice I Ever Received’ And Fans Are In Awe

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O.J. Simpson‘s Twitter account is one of the strangest things on the internet today. And that’s saying a lot.

The former superstar running back is perhaps most notable for alleged killing of his wife, Nicole Brown. A charge that he was cleared of in a court of law.

But Simpson still seems to enjoy using the case and it’s legacy to get some cheap pops on social media.

Simpson was back at it again on Friday, revealing “the best legal advice I ever received” while discussing embattled former president Donald Trump.

“Scrolling TV today, some things jump right out,” Simpson began. “One is ‘The Donald’ waving what is supposedly secret documents and even admitting that they weren’t declassified. I don’t know if it was bluster or not. All I know is that cannot help him.

“I’ma share some advice that I got from some of the greatest legal minds of our generation, of my lifetime. F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Johnnie Cochran, Bob Shapiro, of the great Barry Sheck and Peter Neufeld, Malcolm LaVergne in Vegas.

“The one thing they all told me, and stressed to me, ‘do not talk about the case publicly. Do not do interviews about the case.’ The Bakers threatened to quit if I did that.

“My point is, I don’t know if Donald’s lawyers are stressing this to him. If they’re not they should be fired and he should sue ’em.”

Simpson then seamlessly pivoted to talking about the NFL. But fans couldn’t get over his legal advice and the discussion of his now infamous murder trial.

Look, the United States legal system deemed that Simpson is not guilty. And we’re certainly not insinuating that he did anything wrong.

BUT, if there’s one person whose legal advice you should probably listen to, it’s O.J. Simpson

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