OJ Simpson Weighs In On Alex Murdaugh, Calls Him A ‘Habitual Liar’ Who Probably Committed Double Murder

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The story behind the trial of Alex Murdaugh is so shocking that there has already been not one, but two different documentaries released on the subject.

On Thursday, Alex Murdaugh was found guilty on all counts in the double murder of his wife Maggie and son Paul on June 7, 2021.

It took the jury less than three hours to come to their decision.

Prior to that decision being reached, another famous accused double murdered, OJ Simpson, weighed in on the trial of Alex Murdaugh because, as The Juice tweeted, “People keep asking me my opinion of the Alex Murdaugh trial.”

“Hey Twitter world, it’s me, your’s truly,” Simpson began with his usual greeting. “A lot of people have been asking me about this Alex Murdaugh trial. I don’t know why they think I’m an expert on it, but…”

“I gotta admit, when he took the stand, the guy who’s an habitual liar,” Simpson continued. “I did watch, when the trial first started. I watched him take the stand and I thought it was probably a mistake because the guy is an admitted liar and it’s hard for me to think he could be on the stand five, six, seven, eight days without lying.

“Question is what did he lie about? But lying and stealing money is a little different than murder,” Simpson explained.

“I realized in watching him testify what he was doing. He was just trying to relate to one or two of those jurors that he was a good ole boy. He was one of them. And I’m not sure he didn’t succeed in doing that.

“I am not qualified to really say if the guy did it or he didn’t do it,” The Juice continued, selling himself short.

Simpson did say that from what he’d seen, Alex Murdaugh probably did it, but “more likely equals reasonable doubt,” something he knows all about.

“But it wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this guy beats this case,” he continued, adding that Alex Murdaugh was still going to go to jail for the millions of dollars he stole and the resulting 88 criminal charges for embezzlement and other fraud he still faces.

This is where The Juice got really animated because, as he put it, “I got nine to thirty-three years — thirty-three years! Because I caught some guys trying to sell my stolen property and I yelled at ’em. Even they didn’t think I should go to jail and the judge, this Jackie Glass, gave me nine to thirty-three years.

“So I’m trying to see what this guy’s going to get.”

There’s more, but it’s mostly just OJ rambling. So if you want to hear it, do feel free to watch the video below.

As is always the case when OJ Simpson posts one of his videos, the comments are where the true entertainment happens.

“This has to be a deep fake,” another viewer commented.

“Welp. The Juice said “hold my beer,” tweeted another viewer.

“OJ did you ever think of going to law school?” asked another person.

“I cannot believe this is real life omg OJ talking about Alex Murdaugh,” another stunned and very astute observer pointed out.

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