Sooners Fans In Shambles Seeing Lincoln Riley’s Family Continue To Haunt OU’s Football Program

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The Oklahoma Sooners just cannot escape the Riley family. The program had a dramatic split with Lincoln Riley last season, as the head coach spurned the football team in favor of greener grass in Los Angeles.

That’s led to bad blood between the two parties, as we’ve seen fans take shots on both sides of the debate. Not only did Riley leave Norman, but he took with him many of the Sooners’ top players.

Now, Lincoln is on the West Coast coaching USC, but that doesn’t mean the Sooners are free of his ties.

Oklahoma took on TCU Saturday looking to rebound from a loss to Kansas State. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out according to plan.

The Horned Frogs hung a 50-spot on the Sooners in a 55-24 rout. TCU’s offense put up nearly 700 yards of offense in a game that was dominated by the guys in purple from start to finish.

The offensive coordinator of that TCU unit? None other than Lincoln Riley’s brother, Garrett. Fans had some fun with that fact on social media.

Lincoln Riley’s brother hangs 55 on Oklahoma

After seeing Lincoln Riley’s brother post a huge day calling plays on the Sooners, fans couldn’t help but see the irony. Take a look at the immediate reaction on Twitter upon seeing the TCU blowout.

CBS Sports writer Shehan Jeyarajah posted, “Reminder: The TCU offensive coordinator gashing Brent Venables and Oklahoma to the tune of 55 points through three quarters? Garrett Riley. Brother of Lincoln Riley.”

This fan wrote, “This is the offensive coordinator for the TCU team that is currently annihilating Oklahoma. His name? Garrett Riley. Yup. He’s Lincoln Riley’s brother.”

You have to think Lincoln Riley was happy to see his younger brother embarrass Oklahoma with that offensive performance.

The Sooners just can’t escape.