Ole Miss Football Savagely Trolls Tennessee Over Trash Throwing With Hidden Easter Egg In Renovation Plans

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  • Tennessee fans threw mustard onto the field during the football team’s game against Ole Miss.
  • Seven months later, the Rebels — intentional or not — subtly trolled the Vols over the mustard while unveiling its new multi-million dollar practice facility.
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Ole Miss football and Tennessee have bad blood. Especially since October.

Smack dab in the middle of the beef is Lane Kiffin and mustard.

It all started back in 2009. Kiffin had recently been fired as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders and accepted the head coaching job at Tennessee.

But the gig didn’t last long.

After Pete Carroll left for the Seahawks, the USC job opened up and the Trojans offered Kiffin the chance to return to L.A. and replace his former head coach. He had previously served as the offensive coordinator during the Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart days and there was no way he was saying no.

In turn, Kiffin resigned at Tennessee after one season and left for USC.

As is typical of the Volunteers faithful, they melted down.

Ever since Kiffin left, Tennessee has been extremely salty. When he returned to Knoxville as the offensive coordinator at Alabama in 2016, the Crimson Tide beat the wheels off of the Vols and their former head coach flipped his visor to the crowd on the way out.

Lane Kiffin’s next return to Neyland Stadium came in 2021 as the head coach of Ole Miss.

The Rebels went on to win the game 31-26, and near the end of the game, the sold-out crowd of mostly Volunteers melted down again. It’s what they do.

The orange-clad fans threw all kinds of trash onto the field, including a golf ball that Kiffin has used to troll Tennessee multiple times since. In addition, one of the many things that made its way out of the stands and onto the turf was a mustard bottle.

Ole Miss fans have used the mustard bottle to mock Tennessee fans ever since. As did the team itself earlier this week, whether it was an intentional dig or not.

The Rebels are redoing its entire indoor practice facility (called the Manning Center after Archie and Olivia) and training center— which are primarily used by the football team. The price tag for the renovations is set to be between $35 and $40 million and come as part of a capital campaign totaling $250-$300 million.

On Monday afternoon, the team released a digital fly-through. It is going to be absolutely beautiful, complete with all of the bells and whistles.

In the video, whether on purpose or not, Ole Miss took a shot at Tennessee. When the digital drone flies into the nutrition room, there just so happens to be a mustard bottle on the counter, like the one thrown onto the field in Knoxville.


There is a chance that it was unintentionally. But the mustard is the only condiment on the counter and there isn’t really anything else on the counter except for some fruit and vague, nondistinctive containers. It sure seems like it wasn’t just a coincidence.