Olivia Dunne Puzzles Fans With Cryptic ‘Emotionally Unavailable’ TikTok Video

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Now that her gymnastics season at LSU is over, Olivia Dunne has more time to focus on her real job: posting 10 to 15 second long videos on TikTok.

Livvy’s first original TikTok effort since the LSU Tigers gymnastics team finished fourth at the NCAA Championship showed the NIL star using a jump rope as part of her workout.

That video, posted a couple of days ago, is already approaching two million views. Should it reach that mark it wouldn’t even crack the top 100 of her most popular TikTok videos. Olivia Dunne is that popular.

For instance, the video below has over 22.3 MILLION views.

@livvy Picture day:) #foryou #gymnastics #lsu #fakebody ♬ original sound – Doing Things

And this next one has almost 19 million views…

@livvy torn labrums are screaming #foryou #gymnastics #lsu ♬ CatchTheSplashChallenge – robirawks

It’s why she is the second highest earning NIL athlete in the nation despite participating in only a handful of LSU’s gymnastics meets this past season.

Thursday night, Olivia Dunne was back at work, sharing another TikTok video.

Livvy wrote in the caption of the clip, “I need to focus on my sport.”

In the video, Dunne, wearing a Masters sweatshirt (shout out, Masters Girl), lip-syncs the words of comedian Theo Von talking about vapes in a wishing well, but substituted the words “emotionally unavailable athletes” for the word vapes.

The way she presented it, she is one of those emotionally unavailable athletes, leading her plethora of fans to wonder what Dunne is trying to tell them.

@livvy “I need to focus on my sport” #foryou ♬ original sound – PodClips🎥

“Livvy what are you doing down in the well?” a fan asked.

“First shot when you’re finally available,” another guy wrote.

“What are your thoughts on peanut butter and honey sandwiches?” someone else asked, randomly.

“That’s my pre-meet snack,” Dunne replied.

The more you know and all that.

Mostly, for some reason and by a long shot, her fans were just very, VERY excited to see her wearing that Masters sweatshirt.

“That is the hottest thing you have ever worn!” someone strangely wrote, echoing many others.

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