Olivia Dunne’s Sister Julz Fires Up Her Fans With New Beach Pics And Video

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Popular LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne may be raking in the cash thanks to her 7.5 million followers on TikTok, but the real entertainer in the family is her sister Julz Dunne.

Julz, who operates her own TikTok accounts, @forgottensiblings and @julzdunne17, as well as her own website, often shares humorous videos showing what it’s like to be the “forgotten sibling.”

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“Still here but always forgotten,” Julz writes on her website. “Forgotten Siblings is an inside look on my life with Livvy and the jokes that come along with being her sister. I love to expose her as the goofy little sister she is and show a side most people never get to see but I see everyday. I also explore the comedy behind the sibling dynamic and relationship with family. So next time you feel like you’re living in your sibling’s shadow, come on over and join the forgotten fam, where you’ll never be overlooked. You don’t have to do something special to be someone special!”

Over the past week, Olivia Dunne has garnered attention on social media for her beach vacation in Italy.

What most of Livvy’s fans didn’t realize was that the “forgotten sibling” Julz Dunne was also there in Italy with her famous sister.

@forgottensiblings @Olivia Dunne ♬ original sound – Cally

“One of these girls is a mastermind, a true treasure. The other is a gymnast,” one of her fans commented.

“I’m on the Julz Dunne bandwagon,” echoed another viewer.

“I dunno. You seem like the more fun one,” someone else wrote. (She is.)

Julz Dunne also has a nice little following on Instagram where she shared more pics of her and Livvy’s trip to Italy.

Despite all the attention Olivia gets, Julz always seems very proud of her, in an older sister sort of way.

@forgottensiblings @livvy disappointment under the tree #merrychristmas ♬ original sound – Yasssssss 🔥

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