Omar Benson Miller Ended The Celebrity Softball Game By Delivering The Closest Thing To A Truck Stick Softball Allows

I don’t consider a celebrity successful until they’ve had their moment during MLB All-Star Weekend’s Celebrity Softball Game. It’s kind of like Dancing With The Stars. Everyone’s done or is doing it. How can you truly consider yourself a star is you haven’t been invited to dance amongst them? It’s why I don’t consider Matthew McConaughey a true star. Sure, the dude talked to himself in True Detective, but he never danced. Sorry Rust.

Which is why I’m now considering Omar Benson Miller as the new biggest name in Hollywood. Most of you bros probably know him as the Rock’s semi-retired buddy who wants to play again in Ballers. Some of you also might remember as the big black dude in CSI: Miami, which is kind of weird, considering it’s impossible to remember anything about that show which wasn’t David Caruso taking off his sunglasses. Why, you may ask, am I considering Miller the new face of Hollywood? Because he threw down the gauntlet against some random kid during the Celebrity Softball game.

Here it is again, this time closer.

The ‘scoreboard’ chant is my new favorite moment in sport’s history. The kid came over to Benson Miller to tell him good game. Nope. Stay in your lane kid. You got owned by a pseudo-television star. You don’t get to go joke around with him and Terry Crews. Your mom can go party with them, but it’s past your bedtime. I almost wish that they’d interviewed the kid, just to get a real good look at what his actual plan was. “Yeah, I figured if I tried really hard, I could knock the grown man who is twice my size over despite the fact that I weigh 115 pounds with 10 pound barbells in each pocket.” Nice try, kid. But you can’t change the rules on Benson Miller. He’s the next big thing. Thanks to you.


[h/t SB Nation]