OnlyFans Model Exposes Seahawks’ DK Metcalf For Allegedly Trying To Get Her To Do A Foursome

DK Metcalf


  • OnlyFans model goes on angry rant because DK Metcalf allegedly told her to go home after making her drive to his house
  • The woman claims Metcalf messaged her later in the night to tell her to turn around because he wanted to have a foursome
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DK Metcalf is taking Ls on and off the field this year.

In a series of videos, OnlyFans model Tori Lynn claims DK tried to get her to do a foursome hours after flaking on her.

In her first video, Lynn says DK called her and told her to drive to Seattle to hang out with him but changed his mind while she was getting close to his house and told her to go back home which led to this angry rant.

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On the following day, the woman uploaded another video showing a Snapchat message from DK where he tells her to turn around and come back towards his house at 1 am because he was “tryna have a foursome.”

Tori Lynn provided more screencaps of DK’s Snapchat messages from her phone to prove she was telling the truth.

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