The Oregon Ducks Actually Made People Believe They Were Having The World’s First LED Football Field

Sorry, guys, but as wild as the Oregon Ducks football uniforms have been over the past few decades, the school hasn’t gotten to the point where they’ll actually be installing an LED-lit gridiron anytime soon—although some fans actually fell for their epic April Fools Day prank saying that they would.

Tweeting out photos of the team’s home field, Autzen Stadium, being bulldozed and renovated with an LED surface, the Ducks pranked people into believing that the unthinkable was about to happen and college football was just about to go next level.

Making the Ducks’ prank even more brilliant was the press release on the school’s website, announcing the LED field plans and even having construction workers appear as if they were going through the renovation.









Oh, and they even had head football coach Mark Helfrich talk about why the team was going through such a move, with Helfrich saying this, per Yahoo! Sports:

“We are always looking for improvement in all phases of our football program.” Head Coach Mark Helfrich said, “We continue to embrace innovation and are excited to provide another unique homefield advantage to Autzen Stadium.”

Between the teaser video, photos, quotes and press release, don’t feel bad if you feel for one of the most ridiculous pranks in sports history, because Oregon covered all its bases to make sure there were no cracks in the armor on this one.

[H/T Yahoo! Sports]