College Football Fans React To Oregon’s ‘Eggshell’ Uniforms

oregon eggshell uniforms reaction

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  • Oregon football will be wearing its new ‘eggshell’ uniforms against UCLA, and they are…something.
  • College football fans shared their reactions to the new-look uniforms on social media.
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In absolutely shocking and totally surprising fashion, Oregon will be wearing a new-look uniform this Saturday during its trip to UCLA.

While Oregon is known for having an infinite amount of jersey combinations, the Ducks’ latest may be their boldest to date. This particular uniform combo is being presented as the ‘eggshell uniform’ given all of the speckles across the all-white look.

The uniform looks more like a bowl of cookies n’ cream ice cream or a white car that was just on the receiving end of some bird droppings, but sure, eggshell works too.

Here’s a better look at the uniforms:

Oregon is always looking to stand out and it certainly accomplished it with these newest threads. On the one hand, you have to tip your cap to Oregon for continuing to find new designs and colorways, but on the other, enough is enough. I’m sure recruits will appreciate the new jersey combo, however.

As per usual, reviews were mixed among college football fans on Twitter: