Oregon State, Washington State Try To Take Control Of PAC 12 Decisions In Court

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Getty Image / Jeff Halstead

With the drama over conference realignment regarding the PAC 12 more or less over, the stage is now the courtroom. That’s where the only two members of the conference past this year, Oregon State and Washington State, fought the other members for control of the conference.

This is the first in what could be many legal battles between the Oregon State, Washington State, and the other ten members of the PAC 12 over the next few months and maybe years.

Today’s battle centered over the day-to-day governance of the conference, with Oregon State and Washington State arguing that since the other ten schools have announced their decisions to leave for the Big Ten, ACC, or Big 12, Oregon State and Washington State should be making the day-to-day decisions of the conference, as they are the two schools with long term stakes in the matter.

This is pretty dubious, however, because there are decisions to be made that will affect just this year, where the other schools are still full members of the PAC 12.

So, they went to court today to figure it out. Washington State and Oregon State wanted an injunction to prevent the a scheduled PAC 12 meeting to take place. And, it appears they have got that.

Here is where it gets interesting. This little nugget of information was revealed.

I can see why the other ten schools would want that money, but Washington State and Oregon State have to fight them for it tooth and nail. That’s a big lifeline for those two schools as they adjust to a world where their television payouts are going to decrease drastically, periling the entire athletic department.

The presidents of both Washington State and Oregon State released statements after the meeting applauding the decision.

I’m sure there will be much more to come regarding the issues in the PAC 12 as the year moves forward.