PAC-12 Reportedly Interested In 2 Schools For Expansion

PAC-12 logo on field

Getty Image / Brian Rothmuller

The PAC-12 currently finds themselves preparing to lose two of their biggest programs to conference realignment.

USC and UCLA will be heading to the Big 10 in 2024.

With those two on their way out, the PAC-12 has found themselves trying to figure out where to turn to strengthen the conference in their absence.

Yesterday, the Action Network’s Brett McMurphy reported that the PAC-12 is currently interested in San Diego State and SMU as the replacement for those two programs and their commissioner even visited SMU.

San Diego State has been seen as the most likely target for the PAC-12 since USC and UCLA decided they were leaving the conference.

They’re also the most attractive option for the conference that is realistically available. SDSU has arguably been the Mountain West’s most consistent program in the sports that make money.

They are regularly present in the top 25 in basketball and were even one of the best teams in the country back in 2020.

Their football team has finished .500 or better in every season since 2010.

The school also makes a lot of sense geographically they’d be adding another California school after losing 2 of them.

SMU’s strength would be more on the football side of things, where they have finished .500 or better in each of the last 4 seasons.

Their basketball program is less impressive, but has been at least competitive in the AAC in most seasons.

Having to head to Dallas every year wouldn’t be ideal for the Oregon and Washington schools, but wouldn’t be the worst trip for Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State.

There are only so many viable options for the PAC-12 right now if they aren’t interested in trying to lure Gonzaga in despite their lack of a football program. SMU and San Diego State are about as good as those options get.