2 Yrs To The Day, Internet Reflects On ‘PAC-B1G Alliance’ Now That The Big Ten Stole Their Top Brands

A Big Ten logo on the Maryland football field.

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The college football world is taking a moment to reflect on an alliance formed between the ACC, Big Ten, and PAC-12 back in 2021. The partnership was originally described as a “collaborative approach surrounding the future of college football athletics and scheduling.”

Essentially, the three leagues teamed up after the SEC set into motion the additions of Texas and Oklahoma, a move that will be made in 2024. As a way to offset the move, the conferences promised to stick together in non-conference scheduling and future College Football Playoff endeavors (i.e., expansion).

Though an agreement was made, there was no contract, nothing in writing to actually keep the leagues true to their word which rendered the partnership essentially meaningless. Fans really found out how little it meant the following offseason when the Big Ten poached USC and UCLA, the two biggest brands in the PAC.

This past offseason, they added the two remaining powers in Washington and Oregon, which has all but ended the PAC as we know it.

On the two-year anniversary of that now laughable agreement, many around the football world are taking a moment to reflect.

Stewart Mandel of The Athletic said, “Two years ago today, they formed The Alliance and sure enough, [PAC commissioner] Kliavkoff was right about more Ohio State-Oregon games.”

College football personality Jim Weber wrote, “Happy 2-year anniversary to The Alliance! Mission accomplished, gentlemen!”

Well done.