Packers Fan Calls Cops, Reports Cam Newton For Theft After Newton Stole His Banner

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Today’s game between the Panthers and Packers in North Carolina was filled with Packers fans. One of those fans brought a “North Carolina Cheesehead” banner with him to the game which Cam Newton tore down and took it with him to the locker room during pregame warmups.



Now the fan has called the police and wants to press charges against Newton for theft.


After the game, Newton explained why he tore down the banner

It was a Green Bay Packers banner in Bank of America stadium. It just doesn’t match. No disrespect to the Green Bay Packers but it’s just a respect thing.

Update: The Packers fan tells his side of the story.


The Green Bay Packers banner that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton snatched down before the Packers-Panthers game in Charlotte on Sunday afternoon belongs Mike Dobs of Fayetteville.

And Dobs wants it back.

“I was just shocked, shocked,” when Newton grabbed the banner out of his and his family’s hands, Dobs said on Sunday evening.

Dobs wants the banner back so badly — he said he paid $500 to have it made last year to hang in his home’s “man room” — that he told the police at the stadium that it was stolen, and he complained to the Panthers’ management.

It’s Dobs’ understanding that the banner was destroyed. A Panthers employee said the organization would make it up to him, he said.

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