Jordan Love Can Do ‘Exact Same Thing’ As Aaron Rodgers According To Packers Players

Aaron Rodgers Jordan Love

Scott Taetsch/Getty Image

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Romeo Doubs continues to express his unwavering confidence in the team’s new starting quarterback, Jordan Love, stating that Love “can do the same exact thing” as future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers.

Doubs’ remarks, made a few weeks ago, have garnered attention as the Packers undergo a significant transition following Rodgers’ departure earlier this offseason.

Having spent more than 15 seasons with the Packers, Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets. As a result, 2020 first-round draft pick Jordan Love, who is entering his fourth year in the league, is set to take over as the team’s starting quarterback.

Love has received resounding praise from his teammates throughout the offseason, and Doubs further solidified his support by asserting that he sees no significant difference between Love and Rodgers.

Additionally, Packers star cornerback Jaire Alexander recently went as far as calling Love the “Best QB in the league,” further fueling the anticipation surrounding the young signal-caller.

However, it is essential to consider Love’s limited professional experience, with fewer than 100 pass attempts across his three years in the NFL. Consequently, Love’s teammates have predominantly relied on his performance during practice sessions to assess his potential and abilities.

When the Packers selected Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he was widely regarded as a promising but raw prospect, showcasing impressive skills during his collegiate career at Utah State.

Head coach Mike LaFleur, known for implementing a balanced offensive approach with a deliberate pace, previously achieved great success with Rodgers at the helm. It is anticipated that the offensive philosophy under Love’s leadership will maintain a similar style, albeit potentially lacking some of the inspiration that Rodgers brought to the team.

As the Green Bay Packers embark on a new era with Jordan Love as their starting quarterback, comparisons to the departed Aaron Rodgers will inevitably arise. Doubs and other teammates have expressed unwavering confidence in Love’s abilities, drawing parallels between him and the former MVP.

While the offseason buzz surrounding Love is optimistic, only time will reveal whether he can effectively fill the shoes left behind by the legendary Aaron Rodgers.