Packers Fans Call Out Aaron Rodgers About His Latest Take On Jordan Love’s Preseason Performance

Packers Fans Call Out Aaron Rodgers About His Jordan Love Comments

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

The Green Bay Packers held their first preseason game on August 12 against the San Francisco 49ers. Aaron Rodgers did not play, as he’s clearly the starting quarterback and doesn’t need to participate. However, it was an opportunity for Jordan Love to show what he’s got and he ultimately struggled. Rodgers attempted to build up the young quarterback but the fanbase just isn’t having it.

Aaron Rodgers Endorses Jordan Love After Poor Performance

According to Ryan Wood, Aaron Rodgers “felt bad” watching Love’s preseason performance. However, he did try to find the positives in the game, even though Jordan Love threw three interceptions. It seemed like a nice endorsement, but it seems like Packers fans just aren’t believing it.

Packers Fans Call Out Aaron Rodgers For His Comments About Jordan Love

Anytime a quarterback throws three interceptions, the common opinion is that it was an awful game. Packers fans felt they saw right through Rodgers’ comments and began calling him out for it.

As you can see Packers fans simply aren’t believing Aaron Rodgers. It’s been a bonkers time in Green Bay the last two years. Regardless, the fanbase will back Rodgers once he’s under center for the regular season opener. As for Jordan Love, there were definitely some positives to take away from his preseason game. However, throwing three interceptions is hard to ignore.

Maybe Love can bounce back with a strong performance when the Packers take on the New Orleans Saints in Friday’s preseason game. If he can do that, then perhaps the fans will support him once again. Until then, this is Aaron Rodgers’ show and he isn’t going anywhere for now.

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