Paige Spiranac Had An A+ Reaction To Bryson DeChambeau’s Losing Battle With A Gallery Rope

Paige Spiranac Reaction To Bryson DeChambeau Rope Video

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Pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau had fans cracking up after he was clotheslined by a gallery rope at the LIV golf event in Chicago over the weekend.

As the 29-year-old PGA pro attempted to duck under the rope, it caught him right in the face sending him to one knee with a exclamation of “What the f–k?!”

Yes, it was as great as it sounds.

Never one to miss out on a viral golfing moment, influencer Paige Spiranac weighed in on DeChambeau getting clobbered by a gallery rope with a hilarious take on the incident.

“We all love watching sports. We don’t love watching players get injured,” Sprianac began her video. “And I saw one of the most gruesome … it makes me sick to my stomach to think about one of the most horrendous injuries I’ve ever seen.

“As we know, golfers get the reputation of being soft, and Bryson DeChambeau proved everyone wrong.

“After a wayward, wayward drive, he was coming from the crowd back into the golf course at a staggering one mile per hour, the spectator rope came out of nowhere and almost decapitated him, blinded him, caught him in the face,” she continued. “He fell to the ground. ‘I can’t see! I can’t see!’ Everyone is wondering, ‘Is he okay? Is he going to get up? Can he get up? Can he see? Is he going to live?’

“You know what Bryson did? He said, ‘I’m gonna persevere. He got up, he finished his round and he proved that golfers are tough as nails. Thanks for being an inspiration, Bryson.”

Not only that, he finished in a tie for eighth place at the Chicago event. What a trooper.

That scary Bryson DeChambeau moment was the culmination of quite a week for Paige Spiranac

On Thursday, Paige hit a ceremonial first drive for X-Golf at American Family Field in Milwaukee.

On Friday, she threw out the first pitch before the Yankees and Brewers game.

The Brewers ended up walking it off when Garrett Mitchell smacked a single up the middle, scoring Hunter Renfroe in the 9th inning of the game following her first pitch.

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