Bryson DeChambeau Getting Clotheslined By A Rope At LIV Chicago Had Golf Fans Hootin’ And Hollerin’

Bryson DeChambeau Getting Clotheslined By A Rope At LIV Chicago Had Golf Fans Hootin' And Hollerin'

Getty Image / Brian Spurlock / Icon Sportswire

LIV Golf superstar Bryson DeChambeau had a great weekend in Chicago, for the most part. He finished tied for 8th at -6 which paid out $576,250, after firing off rounds of 69-70-71 over the 54 holes.

And while there are no OWGR points awarded for LIV Golf events, Bryson is currently the #46 ranked golfer in the world according to the Official World Golf Rankings which means he’s still one of the highest ranked golfers on planet earth.

The one stain on Bryson’s week in Chicago came in the final round. It happened when DeChambeau tried to walk under the ropes that separate spectators from the course. In true Bryson DeChambeau fashion, he clotheslined himself and then acted as if he’d just been run over by a Mac Truck.

Bryson DeChambeau getting clotheslined after walking into a spectator rope had the golf world hootin’ and hollerin’ with all sorts of jokes.

Here’s the video with all sorts of fan reactions to Bryson DeChambeau’s dramatic display below:

This angle is actually better and funnier somehow:

This is 100% on Bryson:

It is wild that Bryson and Brooks both left the PGA Tour to go work together after their public beef over the past few years:

Where WAS the assist from the volunteer who was supposed to lift the rope for him?! Don’t they know Bryson DeChambeau doesn’t lift his own ropes?! This man’s a star, people!

Someone could’ve lost a leg out there slippin’ on this!

Bryson has been pretty diplomatic recently, this feels like a low-hanging fruit take:

140? This soft?!

This Seinfeld moment is all I could think about from the way Bryson reacted. He acts like he just got shot in the eyeball by a BB gun!

Bryson Dechambeau shook it off and finished -1 for the round. He walked away from the LIV Golf Invitational Chicago with a paycheck of half a million dollars. Not a bad day…

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