Bryson DeChambeau Is Asked If LIV Golf Will Overtake PGA Tour And Gives Interesting Take On Golf’s Future

Bryson DeChambeau Is Asked If LIV Golf Will Overtake PGA Tour And Gives Interesting Take On Golf's Future

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LIV Golf tees off in Chicago on Friday at Rich Harvest Farms. This will be the tour’s 5th event of its inaugural season with three more events to follow (Bangkok, Jeddah, and Miami).

LIV superstar Bryson DeChambeau has been in Chicago for days ahead of Friday’s shotgun start. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Chicago White Sox game on Tuesday. And it was a pretty good effort even if it didn’t compare to John Daly’s recent ROCKET of a first pitch.

On Thursday, Bryson DeChambeau spoke with the golf media. One reporter asked him whether or not he thinks LIV Golf will one day overtake the PGA Tour in popularity. Bryson DeChambeau stopped short of answering the question but he gave a pretty interesting take on where he sees the future of golf heading and how the two tours may come to coexist.

Bryson DeChambeau is asked if LIV Golf will overtake the PGA Tour and gives an interesting take on the future of Golf and if the tours will come together.

Here is the video with Bryson’s full quote below:

Reporter: “Do you foresee overtaking the PGA Tour? Or are you talking about a merger like AFC… (and NFC)?”

Bryson DeChambeau: “Not my goal. I would never want that to be my goal. I look up, and I still look up to them and appreciate what they’ve done for the game in general. LIV Golf, certainly from my perspective and what I know, never wanted to do that.

They’ve (LIV) had to play their cards the way they had to based on the way PGA Tour’s reacted. And that is what it is. They’re not putting the Iron Fist down, I don’t think they will. There’s no need to.

But I personally believe that over the course of time they will come to a resolution. There has to be. It’s only in the best interest of the game of golf down the road. What LIV Golf has provided is something new and unique/different. And what that there’s going to be some disruption and some people aren’t going to like it.

I respect every single person that doesn’t think it’s good for the game of golf. I understand it. But I hope they are open-minded enough to go ‘you know what, let me just give this a chance.’ And if you give it a chance you might see something pretty cool.”

You can watch Bryson’s full 18-minute press conference appearance here:

Most of that sounded like it was written by a copywriter…

Bryson DeChambeau said a lot there without saying much. ‘It is what it is’ is one of the classic phrases used to avoid elaborating. Most of that read like he was memorized from a sheet of talking points but there were some moments in his answer that seemed to jump out.

The part where Byrson DeChambeau says “I personally believe that over the course of time they will come to a resolution, there has to be, it’s only in the best interest of the game of golf down the road” is what jumps out to me. Particularly the ‘there has to be’ comment.

That stinks of desperation to me because from the PGA Tour’s perspective, there absolutely does not ‘have to be’ a resolution with LIV Golf. However, from LIV’s perspective they need a broadcasting partner and to get off YouTube or the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars they’re paying players will never be recouped.

LIV Golf NEEDS the PGA Tour, not the other way around. So to hear Bryson DeChambeau saying ‘there has to be’ a resolution between the two tours certainly indicates that’s something he’s put considerable thought into and likely had discussions about. Or maybe that’s reading too much between the lines.

Fans are stating the obvious.

As things stand, they can’t:

Credit where credit is due. Bryson DeChambeau didn’t stumble over his words at all:

What is LIV Golf’s next move?

There were rumors spreading earlier this week that LIV Golf was blackballed by a potential major media partner for being ‘too toxic’. This came shortly after LIV snatched one of the sports future stars right from out under the PGA Tour.

In response to those media partner rumors, LIV CEO Greg Norman actually released a statement. He didn’t deny that LIV had been branded ‘too toxic’ by one of the largest companies on planet earth but instead tried to deflect the rumors:

Bryson DeChambeau and LIV Golf NEED to get off YouTube and they need to do it fast. It sure seems like Fox/Fox Sports is becoming their only outlet.

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