Paige Spiranac And Others Call Out Baby Gronk’s Dad Over Thirsty DMs

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If you’ve spent enough time on the internet over the past week or so, then you’re likely very aware of the existence of Madden San Miguel, the 10-year-old football phenom known as “Baby Gronk” best known for “getting rizzed up by Livvy” (a.k.a. LSU gymnastics superstar Olivia Dunne).

As is the case with many viral sensations, it was hard to ignore the feeling Baby Gronk’s rise has been part of a fairly orchestrated campaign.

Last week, his father Jake San Miguel essentially admitted that’s the case when he asserted his son could become a bigger name than Bronny James in an interview with The Athletic where he provided the world with a glimpse behind the PR curtain that’s helped Madden amass a sizeable following online.

Baby Gronk’s father seems like the latest in a long line of Sports Dads who’ve been unable to resist the urge to vicariously live through their offspring, and while he’d likely tell you he’s simply encouraging his son to follow his dreams, he’s already caught some backlash for some of the methods being deployed to set him up for success.

Now, a number of notable names in the sports world have come forward to up the heat on that particular front.

Last week, (possibly former) NFL linebacker Taylor Lewan posted a screenshot of multiple DMs he’d received from Baby Gronk’s dad in an apparent effort to get Madden on an episode of the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast supplement by a caption that made it clear he wasn’t vibing with the repeated efforts.

It didn’t take long for a couple of other people to pull out some similar receipts, as Ashley Brewer of ESPN posted an unanswered solicitation of her own before golf influencer Paige Spiranac revealed he’d also (unsuccessfully) reached out to her on multiple occasions.

At the end of the day, it’s a little hard to blame San Miguel for shooting his shot, and based on the content his son has posted with other major figures, the approach has likely led to some successful collaborations.

With that said, it’s still a bit of a cringy look.

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