Baby Gronk’s Dad Under Fire For Sharing Video Of 10-Year-Old Son Lifting Weights

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Baby Gronk’s dad Jake San Miguel has again found himself under fire this week.

On Thursday, The Athletic did a profile of the 10-year-old internet sensation Madden San Miguel better known as Baby Gronk, and his father, who says he’s been training his son to be an athlete since he was six years old.

After receiving criticism from football fans, Baby Gronk’s dad fired back, saying people were jealous of his son’s fame.


“It’s a new era, it’s a new generation,” San Miguel tells us. “The people that are normally jealous of us is kinda older. They just don’t get it. The times have changed — Elon Musk about to move us to Mars.”

On Saturday, San Miguel shared a video showing his 10-year-old son weight-lifting which once again brought criticism from the online community.

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