Ex-UFC Star Paige VanZant Shows Off Her Newest Bikini

Paige VanZant

John Parra/Getty Images

UFC superstar, Paige VanZant, is making waves in a whole new arena. And by waves, I mean social media, not the octagon.

At the ripe old age of 29 (okay, not that old, but in UFC years, it’s like dog years), Paige has traded in her fighting gloves for something a bit…skimpier.

Yep, you heard it right. She’s now a OnlyFans model, and she’s racking up more followers quickly.

She also has 654,000 Twitter followers and a whopping 3.2 million more on Instagram, she’s basically the social media queen.

In her latest tweet, Paige decided to lure in more folks to join her OnlyFans kingdom. How, you ask? Well, by sharing a pic of herself in a bikini, of course.

She even threw in a spicy caption: “1/2 off 🌶️fan site now!!” with a cheeky link to her OnlyFans page. Smooth move, Paige.

And the result? Well, that pic got over 30,000 views in an hour. Clearly, people are eager to see what Paige has cooking on her OnlyFans menu.

Paige isn’t just about bikinis and captions. She recently dropped a viral video of her lower body workout, all decked out in tight sportswear gear. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know how to get legs like that.