Paris 2024 Just Announced Maybe The Coolest Olympic Venue Of All Time

Paris 2024 Just Announced Maybe The Coolest Olympic Venue Of All Time

Getty Image / Emmanuel Dunand

There have been a lot of cool Olympic venues in the past. Whether it’s the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing in 2008, or the open-air swimming pool in Athens in 2004, it seems like each host has its own standout.

But, up until now, 2024 host Paris did not have that iconic venue for Olympic competition. Most of the venues being used are those that are pre-existing. That makes sense to keep costs down, but those new mega-stadiums like the Bird’s Nest can be awe-inspiring.  They certainly have it now.


Eiffel Tower takes center stage for Paris 2024.

It may be the most iconic structure in the world. And now, it will act as the backdrop for one of the Summer Olympics’ most iconic and popular events.

Playing beach volleyball under the lights in front of the Eiffel tower will surely be one of the best visuals of the games.
Of course, people are enthralled by this development.

Jack Fitzsimmons brings up a good point. If France can do this in front of one of their marquee landmarks, why can’t we do similar stuff here in the United States?

The Opening Ceremonies look to be a classic


If you think playing beach volleyball in front of the Eiffel Tower is cool, wait until you see the plans for the opening ceremonies for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Watching the athletes sail down the Seine, country by country, will be thrilling. As an Olympics junkie, I cannot wait.

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