The Paris And Brussels Terror Suspects Were Reportedly Targeting EURO 2016 For An Attack

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Suspected ISIS operative, Mohamed Abrini, who was arrested in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks, has made some very startling revelations about the terrorist group’s plans for future attacks throughout Europe.

Abrini, who was one of six people detained on Friday in raids carried out in the Belgian capital, revealed to investigators that the terror cell had aims of attacking the EURO 2016 soccer tournament, according to sources close to CNN. The tournament is one of the biggest sporting events in the world – on par with the World Cup – and is set to take place in France this summer from June 10 to July 10.

The terror cell which Mohamed Abrini is associated with was also responsible for the Paris attacks that saw three men detonate suicide vests outside the Stade de France as the French national team took on Germany for a friendly in November; that same night was also tragically marked by masked gunmen who stormed the Bataclan Theatre and opened fire on concertgoers at an Eagles of Death Metal show, as well as in three restaurants in the heart of the city. In all, the grisly attacks in Paris left 130 victims dead, and those which took place in Brussels on March 22 saw 32 casualties.

Abrini has been linked to both attacks by Belgian authorities using both surveillance and DNA evidence. He is known as “the man in the hat” for his role in orchestrating the Brussels Airport bombings.

It goes without saying that fears were already elevated with regards to the safety of the upcoming EURO 2016, but to hear information like this, simply, makes you sick to your stomach.

Bravo to the Belgian authorities who have been nothing short of diligent with their investigation and fervent with their actions in the wake of these attacks. Hopefully their efforts will lead to even more arrests and thwart these kind of dastardly attacks in the future.