#69 Parker Titsworth Is Everyone’s New Favorite College Football Player



It’s week zero of the college football season, and fans have already found a new favorite player.

On Saturday, Ohio’s starting center, Parker Titsworth, went viral because of his hilarious name.

Of course, Titsworth also became a fan favorite because he’s rocking the #69 jersey number on the field.

According to Titsworth’s bio, he loves to hit people on the football field.

Via Ohio Bobcats

What goes into being a lineman?

Titsworth: You’ve got to have an edge, too. You’ve got to want to hit people and you’ve got to love to hit people because if you don’t, then you’re just going to be pushed around, and obviously you don’t want that. I’d say you’ve got to be tough and be nasty in that sense of playing relentlessly and playing with an edge.

How can you not love this guy?

Update: Apparently Parker Titsworth is cashing in on his name and has a merch site Titsworth69.com

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