We’re Hosting A Poker Night And Inviting You To Come Beat Us — Even Though You Can’t

We’re hosting a poker night. The bad news it’s only for the readers living in New Jersey. The good news is it will save us a butt ton of money on sour cream and onion dip.

BroBible and Party Poker are teaming up for a poker night on Wednesday, September 23rd at 8PM. There’s a $20 buy in with $1,000 in guaranteed money. We’re also offering an additional prize of 2 platinum tickets to a New Jersey Devils game.

As an added bonus, BroBible editors JCamm and Chris will be participating in the poker night festivities. Knock either one of those bros out of the game and we’ll toss a BroBible T-shirt your way because we’re nice guys, even in defeat.

So if you’re in New Jersey, and think you’re a poker stud, sign-up for our poker night today.