Patrick Beverley Makes His Pick For NBA’s Dirtiest Player

NBA guard Patrick Beverley

Getty Image / Andrew Lahodynskyj

Over the course of his NBA career, Patrick Beverley has developed a bit of a reputation for himself as a dirty player.

That reputation might give him a bit of insight into the dirtiness of other players around the league.

With that knowledge, it appears Beverley believes that he knows who the dirtiest player in the NBA is right now.

He revealed on the Pat Bev Pod that he thinks Chris Paul is the dirtiest player in the NBA.

The history between the two players definitely seems to have had an impact on the rankings here.

2 seasons ago, Beverley pushed Paul in the back during a game between the Clippers and Suns.

This season, Beverley had a run in with one of Paul’s teammates when he shoved Deandre Ayton in the back.

Beverley has spent the past few years taking any opportunity he can get to take shots at Chris Paul in the media, even drawing the ire of other NBA players because of some of his comments. It looks like he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take another shot at Paul here.

Beverley calling anybody else the dirtiest player in the league is quite a bit of a stretch given his tendency to take cheap shots like this at his opponents.

It’s also just not accurate to call Chris Paul the dirtiest player in a league where Grayson Allen still exists.

It’s definitely not unreasonable to think that Chris Paul is a dirty player, but there are just players more deserving of the title.

Patrick Beverley also probably shouldn’t be the one deciding on these rankings when he probably belongs in the conversation.