Patrick Kane Took The Stanley Cup To A Jimmy Buffett Concert, Got On Stage And Played Tambourine Like A Wild Man

Since 1995, every NHL player blessed with the glory of winning the Stanley Cup has received one unofficial day with the trophy to do whatever they please. Most take it for a tour of their hometowns, or hold parties at their houses and do other boring stuff like that.

Not Patrick Kane, though. No fucking way he wasn’t doing something awesome for his day with Lord Stanley…like taking it to a Jimmy Buffett concert, getting on-stage with it, and giving an absolutely lights out performance of the island classic “Volcano” in front of thousands of equally as drunk Chicagoans on Saturday night (this was Kaner’s 3rd time hitting a Buffett show with the trophy).

Every second of this performance was just one fire emoji after another. Bro King connotations written all over it.

Honestly, I don’t know if there’s a more Bro thing you could’ve done with the Stanley Cup than getting rip-roaringly drunk at Jimmy Buffett in front of your hometown fans, playing tambourine on stage clad in a Hawaiian shirt and a Parrot hat, screaming cacophonously into the microphone, kicking beach-balls off stage, and pulling-out your trademark goal celebration. Pretty much takes the cake.

Patty Kane, you are the man, Bro.

h/t Next Impulse Sports