Professional Golfer Patrick Reed Shows Off By Accidentally Shattering The NYSE Gavel When Calling The Closing Bell

I kind of wish I was better at golf. It really seems like a sport I can get behind. You don’t need to be in the best shape in the world. You can drink and crush a few boges as long as you continue to practice. You still get a bunch of dope endorsements and have plenty of luck with the ladies. It sounds awesome.

However, I do sometimes feel as if golfers try and overcompensate in other aspects of life to earn some street cred. I’m not saying all, but some. Kind of like Patrick Reed (who apparently is a bit of a dick in real life) did yesterday when he destroyed the NYSE gavel after calling the closing bell.

“Wow!! It’s like I don’t even know my own strength!!” Hard-fucking-o alert. I mean, please, try less. “They told me to give it three good hits, so I did!” I think they meant “Three hits so the cameras can pick up the sound”, not “Hit it as hard as you can and then pretend that you didn’t know your own strength.” That’s not a good look, for golfers or otherwise. Maybe if he didn’t tweet about it, I could forgive him a bit more. But the tweet is just a cry for attention. “See how strong I am? I didn’t even know it, I swear. Please RT and follow back.”