Video Shows Paul Pierce Creepily Harassing Waitress At Casino

Paul Pierce

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Another Paul Pierce video has gone viral but this time he can’t get fired by ESPN for it.

Earlier this year the former Celtics player was let go by the network for filming himself smoking weed and hanging out with strippers in his home while playing poker.

Via Sports Illustrated

“Come on, I didn’t do anything illegal,” Pierce said, protesting advice from his agent Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports Management that an apology could stop his Hall of Fame chances from being hurt.

“These motherf–kers in the Hall of Fame, some did [cocaine], f–king battery. What the f–k did I do? I was just having a good time. All the people coming after me, half you motherf–kers do the same s–t. You’re just hiding it. And you all are married while you’re doing it. I’m divorced. I’m retired. I’m having fun.”

On Tuesday, a clip of Pierce creepily hitting on a waitress while playing poker made its way onto Twitter. In the video, Pierce could be seen telling the waitress, who is clearly uncomfortable, if ‘she needs some moral or oral support.”

Fans went on to call out Pierce for his creepy behavior.

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