Paul Pierce Opens Up About When He Was Stabbed 11 Times

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Paul Pierce has guest starred on William Shatner’s Stars on Mars where he appears in 8 episodes and opens up about his life and past. Pierce previously discussed losing his ESPN job after sharing the now infamous stripper video and in a new clip he is opening up about being stabbed 11 times at 23 years old.

The recent clip was first shared TMZ and the group of celebrities are gathered around a table with Paul Pierce discussing how his life went off the rails after he was stabbed.

Pierce starts by saying “I’ve showed endurance in my life because I never gave up, I kept going and going” before diving into the story of being stabbed at a night club.

He tells the others “I was like 23 years old, living my dream, and then all of a sudden I’m fighting death. Not only was it a low point, it was a high point for me, too. It changed my thinking, it changed my mindset, it changed how I lived.”

The stabbing occurred on September 25th, 2000. In addition to being stabbed in the face, neck, and back, he also had a bottle broken over his head at the Buzz Club in Boston.

Despite being stabbed 11 times and having to undergo surgery to have his lung repaired, Paul Pierce somehow managed to start all 82 regular season games for the Boston Celtics that season, the only player on the Celtics roster that season to do so.

The 10-time NBA All-Star and 2008 NBA Champion + Finals MVP can apparently be seen on this Stars on Mars show that’s being spearheaded by William Shatner. The tagline on IMDB is Follows a simulation of what it might be like to be an astronaut on Mars, with celebrity contestants competing to be the last one standing, the celebronaut.

The final episode airs tonight, Monday, August 28th on Fox.

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