Paul Skenes Finally Confirms He Is Dating Olivia Dunne, Is Officially GOATED

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Earlier today, I wrote the following sentences while sharing a new Olivia Dunne TikTok video…

“In case you missed it, Dunne has been spending a lot of time in Florida recently as Major League Baseball’s number one overall draft pick in 2023 puts in some work on the hill down in the Minors.

“The internet has been trying to figure out who Olivia Dunne is dating since at least February when she revealed was crushing on someone.

“It was when she started appearing regularly at LSU baseball games in April that internet sleuths narrowed it down to a baseball player, mostly thanks to pics on her Snapchat account.”

Wonder no more, folks.

Paul Skenes has finally come clean and admitted what everyone has suspected: he is dating Livvy Dunne.

Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dropped the bombshell Friday morning, writing, “the prized pitching prospect is probably only the second-most popular person in his current relationship. His girlfriend, LSU gymnast and social media sensation Livvy Dunne, has 12 million followers on TikTok and Instagram combined.”

Dun dun dun…

Paul Skenes said in his interview with the Post-Gazette that one of the things that drew him and Dunne together is that they can each understand the other’s fame and the toll it takes.

“It’s nice, for sure,” Skenes said. “It can be a pain in the butt sometimes, to be honest, in terms of actually going somewhere. If one of us went out in Baton Rouge [La.] by ourselves, there’s probably gonna be someone there asking for something — picture, autograph, whatever.

“It’s nice to be able to have that conversation. She does get it. I do wish she could come to a baseball game and just enjoy it. It does irk me. I don’t have any control over it. She really doesn’t either. I’m sure it’ll get better as I go up levels, but that’s something I want for her.”

As for how the two of them hooked up initially, Skenes revealed it was because his best friend at LSU was dating Dunne’s roommate and fellow gymnast, Elena Marenas.

Unlike Dunne, who appears to be always plugged in to social media, Skenes says he doesn’t have any social media apps on his phone – something he’s tried talking her into doing.

“It’s worse for her,” he said. “I’ve told her, ‘People are gonna write about you. People are gonna write about me. If it rattles you, if it makes you upset, you gotta find a way to either not see it or not get upset over it.’ In my mind, it’s a lot easier to not see it than not get upset over it.”

Naturally, this bit of news led to numerous reactions on social media. (Good thing Paul Skenes won’t see any of them.)

“Paul Skenes wanting to stay out of the limelight while dating a girl who seeks the limelight as a means to make money is…. Interesting,” read another tweet.

“Hearts breaking everywhere. The dating pool loses Livvy Dunne and Paul Skenes, gasp!!!” someone else wrote.

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