Pelicans Fans In New Orleans Refuse To Buy Ruffles Chips With Anthony Davis On The Cover Before Hurricane Ida’s Arrival

Anthony Davis

Pelicans fans still hate Anthony Davis after he left them high and dry for the Lakers.

Back in 2019, Davis forced his way out of New Orleans to get himself traded to Los Angeles so he could team up with LeBron James. During his final game in New Orleans, Davis appeared to troll Pelicans fans with a shirt that read “that’s all folks.”

Even though it’s been two years since AD has been with the Lakers, Pelicans fans are still bitter about the situation. Before the arrival of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans on Sunday, one Pelicans fan noticed that all the chips at his local store had been bought except for the Ruffles chips that featured Davis on the cover.

The Internet was impressed by the level of pettiness from Pelicans fans.

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